We are Tax Payers Bureau. Your one stop shop for your tax preparation and consumer protection needs. Contact us directly to receive hands on, one-on-one service from our highly experienced certified tax specialists.

Our entire business model is built on the mission of uplifting the standard of the tax industry in terms of how consumers and consumer information is treated.

We achieve our mission by focusing on what we call our 3 Pillars of Excellence.

3 Pillars of Excellence

Consumer Protection Agency

We are also a Consumer Protection Agency, with all the scams in the tax industry from tax theft, to identity theft, and lack of customer service, we decided to give the consumer a platform to share their voice on unscrupulous behavior. If you have ever been scammed or had bad experience with a tax company, you may share your experience on our website.

Certification Process

All Tax Professionals who work for the Tax Payers Bureau are required to take our tax preparation and customer service certification course, where they will receive a certificate marketing with our Certified Seal of Approval upon completion.

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